The Importance of Exercise in Dealing with Back Pain

Movement is an essential part of our lives – everyday billions of people move from one place to another in pursuit of their jobs, hobbies, or simply to look at the world from a different point of view. All this movement is made possible by the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) that controls our muscles and joints.

Due to our hectic lifestyle it is possible to ignore the functional needs of our body and disregard its importance. However, we become aware of the delicacy of our bodies when they start to feel the effect of our neglect. The most common form of this is back and neck pain, which are often byproducts of poor posture, repetitive incorrect movements, lack of exercise, and trauma such as a fall or motor vehicle accident.

The combination of poor posture, incorrect lifting and bending, and our increasingly sedentary lifestyle has made back pain a modern epidemic. Grasping the significant effect back pain has in one’s life, it is important that we play an active part in ensuring that we deal with this epidemic proactively.

It is necessary to treat the physical basis of the problem. Consult your physician, health care provider, or physiotherapist to discuss the origin of your pain. Your health care providers can offer recommendations regarding pain-relieving strategies, such as exercises. They are generally easy to integrate into your daily routine and do not require any special equipment. Stretching, strengthening the core and low back muscles, and yoga are are all forms of exercise that may be effective for your back.

However, exercise alone is often not enough when managing low back pain. To minimize further injury or pain exacerbation, it is also important to eat a balanced diet, drink adequate amounts of water, and use preventative measure in your daily routine. Scrutinize your daily habits to ensure that you are not contributing to your pain. For example, simple things such as having an inappropriate work station and using incorrect body movements when lifting or carrying objects are likely to produce excessive strain on your back. Find a back pain therapist who can teach you how to keep your back pain-free.

Remember, preventing low back pain before its onset is they key to a healthier back!