What are orthotics & Braces?

Custom orthotics are devices worn in your shoes that provide biomechanical correction to your feet, allowing them to function more efficiently. Poor foot function and alignment can lead to various problems such as hip, knee, and back pain. Orthotics are designed to help restore proper balance and alignment to your body by correcting foot abnormalities.

At Physiotherapy Active Rehab we use specialized pressure-sensitive technology called ‘GaitScan’. This allows our health practitioners to accurately assess and analyze patients’ feet while stationary and in motion. We craft the perfect pair of orthotics for your needs, ensuring that they work in harmony with your overall treatment. If you are looking for a custom made orthotic, look no further than Active Rehab. We’ll work with you to get you on good footing.

Our clinic also works with Ossur to provide custom knee braces for our clients. Whether recovering from knee surgery, returning to sport after ligament injury or trying to stay active with arthritis, a custom brace can be an important part of your recuperation. Ossur braces are constructed with strong and light carbon fibre frames. They are also custom formed to fit each client precisely.