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What does compression have to do with tendonitis?

When you are suffering from pain that is caused by inflamed tendons, it can seem like it takes forever to heal. Tendonitis can prevent us from doing many of the things that we usually take for granted in our daily lives. In our clinic we like to encourage our clients to continue their daily activities. […]


My test results look bad! Should I worry?

As Dr. Greg Lehman mentions in his article (click on link below), we live in an amazing age where images can be produced showing us what is happening inside our bodies. This is a huge deal, but most of us take these technologies for granted. The first clinical MRI scan took place in 1980, but […]

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How do I keep in shape while I’m injured?

So you’ve found yourself injured and not able to participate in your favourite sport or activity. This can be extremely upsetting when you have worked so hard to get into shape and maintain a level of fitness you are proud of. So what can you do to stay in the best possible shape while suffering […]


The Most Common Foot Injuries From Running a Marathon

Many podiatrists (foot specialists) take the opportunity to volunteer in the medical tent after a local marathon. After the race, participants are filtered into the post-race area where they eat to replenish nutrients, drink to re-hydrate, and have the option of stopping in the medical or podiatry tents for any assistance they may require. Hundreds […]


The Importance of Exercise in Dealing with Back Pain

Movement is an essential part of our lives – everyday billions of people move from one place to another in pursuit of their jobs, hobbies, or simply to look at the world from a different point of view. All this movement is made possible by the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) that controls […]


Treatment of Lower Limb Sports Injuries

The lower limb (or lower leg) includes the ankle and foot joints, which are frequently injured during sports that require running or jumping. Besides physiotherapy, there are other, complementary, ways to address the acute pain that results from an injury to any of these joints and return to your sport. Sport podiatrists are health practitioners […]

An In-Depth Look Into Physiotherapy Training and Its Practice

  A Physiotherapist’s Education: Knowledge and Practice Physiotherapists (or Physical Therapists) are university-trained health care professionals who practice in private clinics or hospitals using a wide range of skills and abilities – including manual (hands-on) therapy, exercise prescription, acupuncture, and orthotics assessments. Becoming a physiotherapist has become a popular choice for many young people today. […]