What is Physiotherapy?

Did you know that the Swedish word for physiotherapy is ‘sjukgymnastik’, or literally translated ‘gymnastics for those who are ill’? It is thought that the origins of physiotherapy go back to Sweden in the early 1800s.

Physiotherapy has come a long way in the last 200 years. Physical Therapists now employ a wide variety of methods to help clients improve the quality of their lives by promoting mobility and function. Orthopaedic physiotherapists are extensively trained in human anatomy and movement patterns. This knowledge helps us understand how to effectively treat the illnesses and injuries that our clients seek our help for.

While we are known for being experts in exercise, this is only one aspect of treatment to restore balance to an injured body. We use several different types of ‘hands-on’ therapy, which can include stretching, massage, joint mobilization and other more advanced manual techniques. For decades, Physical Therapists have also been advocates of using various electrotherapeutic tools to help control pain and promote healing.

Overall, physiotherapists draw on extensive knowledge and training to help you find the solution to recover from your impairment. We have a wide variety of treatment options to draw from in our attempt to optimize well-being.