The road to rehabilitation and recovery can be difficult to navigate. Without a holistic approach it’s easy to deviate from the path. What does ‘holistic’ mean to the team at Physiotherapy Active Rehab?

It’s our way of thinking of the body.

From our perspective, the body can’t be simply viewed as a collection of unconnected body parts. Achieving good health and performance means considering the body as a whole. If somebody comes to us complaining of a sore ankle, it’s our job to look into whether a stiff hip or an unbalanced core is contributing to the problem.

We also do our best to consider the mind and body connection. Poor emotional and mental well-being affects the body directly. The brain is important to our health because it touches every part of our body through our nervous and hormonal systems. Fatigue and lack of sleep can also reduce the healing capacity of our tissues. At Physiotherapy Active Rehab, we have a licensed psychologist on staff to help address these issues as they relate to recovery.

It’s the way we approach our treatments.

We realize that not every individual that comes to us for treatment is the same. Our physiotherapists have studied to acquire different tools and techniques that can be used to help our clients on their path to recovery. Not everybody is the same, so we don’t treat people with standardized formulas or recipes. To help you recover, we may choose to address your rehabilitation needs with a variety of exercise techniques, hands-on treatments, or by using some of our modern therapeutic equipment. It all depends on your unique needs. .

It’s how we’ve built our team.

At Physiotherapy Active Rehab we have a collaborative and multidisciplinary team to help you reach your goals. Our physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths and psychologist all have different perspectives in our understanding of your health and recovery. Having all these different health professionals under one roof makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with one another, which also makes it easier for you to reach your full potential.